Internet Leased Line

With speeds from 25 Mbps right up to 100 Mbps / 150 Mbps (1 STM), 1 gig above-dedicated internet leased line connectivity — one-pipe telecom fiber leased line access services are ideal for those organizations that regard their internet and Mpls VPN connectivity as absolute mission-critical. one-pipe telecom fiber leased lines to deliver a fiber connection using ethernet technology right into your building. we’ll connect you directly to our core network and unlike copper-based services (such as broadband) the speed is guaranteed and will not vary regardless of how far your building is from the network.

Advantages of Fiber Connection

1) No bandwidth speed limitation.
2) Fastest medium of communication.
3) The most standard Internet connection.
4) Bidirectional Internet access guaranteed speeds.
5) Unlimited Data Usage.

Internet Leased Line

Our proposal to cover all points laid down as your requirements. We propose the following:

1) One-pipe telecom network would be delivering bandwidth by using airtel / Aircel / tata/reliance / Vodafone / other tiers 1 & tier 2 operators as their media partner.
2) The client would be getting ethernet output to be patched directly to the server/router or switch.
3) One-pipe telecom would be providing MRTG and 24x7 support at the network operation center level.
4) One-pipe telecom would be providing a backup link facility in case of gateway issues are there.

Uncompromising reliability and high speed:

1) All businesses which require high-speed internet connectivity with uncompromising reliability can benefit greatly from this solution. Financial institutions, advertising businesses, stockbroking firms, media companies, IT businesses, government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, manufacturing industries, and so on can enjoy many advantages with such a dedicated line.
2) It is important to choose a reliable service provider to get reliable service. Never take the risk of choosing a service provider which does not have adequate vendor capacity because this can affect the speed and reliability of your connection and defeat the entire purpose of the connection.

Versatile Internet leased line solutions

High Speed Internet

The internet leased line solutions provided by a one-pipe network can empower your business with reliable high-speed connectivity that never falters. we fully understand the needs of businesses and enterprises which are on the fast track to growth and expansion. our solutions have the flexibility and versatility to change with your changing needs and we also offer a host of services and applications to support your growing needs and ensure your business enjoys the maximum benefits of a dedicated line.