Mpls / IP VPN can provide your business with a fast, secure, and direct virtual network between multiple offices using existing technologies such as broadband without going through the internet. a private network is completely flexible, so as your business needs change it is ready to support you with the applications and services you need. it’s the ideal backbone to power your unified communications (UC) strategy and help bring together everyone in your organization, wherever they are and whatever device they are using. we offer both IP VPN and Mpls as techniques to delivering the best possible connectivity anywhere in our network. Mpls VPN represents a set of three methods that are used to employ multiprotocol label switching ( Mpls ) to create virtual private networks (VPNs). the three methods deployed in networks are point to point, layer 2 ( VPLS), and layer 3 ( VPRN). these methods give network engineers a great degree of flexibility to route different types of network traffic with Mpls technologies.

Advantages of MPLS

1) Lower Cost. MPLS is a layer 2.5 technology.
2) Quality of Service Attributes. One of the oft-cited benefits of MPLS is the ability to assign QoS features to traffic.
3) Scalability.
4) Traffic Routing


The advantage of Network connectivity across multiple locations:

Businesses and enterprises which need secure network connectivity across multiple locations can benefit from our mpls vpn solutions. these can include large corporate businesses with offices located across different geographical locations, companies with multiple offices, financial institutions, educational institutions, hospitals, government offices, and so on.

Security issues involved in connecting different geographical locations:

It is vital to choose the right service provider for this solution because the security involved in connecting different geographical locations to the corporate intranet can be otherwise compromised. If the right service provider is not chosen you will not have a clearly defined QoS for the applications used. Feasibility and cost issues can also arise.

Market leaders in MPLS /IP VPN solutions

ip vpn

1) The MPLS VPN/IP VPN solutions provided by one-pipe Telecom, SiteConnect, offer you an end-to-end private communication network that uses our managed IP/MPLS network infrastructure, assuring you of the uncompromising performance and functionality of a dedicated private Network at a significantly reduced cost. We offer data, voice, and video traffic support across any number of locations worldwide. Our core strength lies in connecting remote locations to the MPLS core network irrespective of feasibility.